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Rechargeable Electric Lighter

Rechargeable Electric Lighter

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Introducing the SparkUp Rechargeable Electric Lighter - Your Flame with a Spark!

Never let the wind extinguish your fire again! Say goodbye to traditional lighters and embrace the future of flame with our cutting-edge SparkUp Rechargeable Electric Lighter. Packed with incredible features, this lighter will revolutionize the way you ignite.

🔥 Windproof Double Arc: No more struggling with the wind. Our windproof double arc technology creates a powerful flame that stays steady even in gusty conditions, making it your ultimate outdoor companion.

🌀 Spinning Toy: It's not just a lighter; it's also a mesmerizing spinning toy that helps to deal with stress! The SparkUp's unique design lets you have fun with your lighter when it's not busy igniting. Spin it, play with it - it's more than just a flame!

🔗 Folding Fuselage: Compact and portable, the SparkUp lighter features a folding fuselage, making it easy to slip into your pocket or bag. The sleek and modern design adds a touch of style to your everyday carry.

⚡ Type-C Charging: No more hassles with battery replacements! With its Type-C charging, the SparkUp Electric Lighter can be quickly charged, ensuring you have a reliable flame at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Unleash the power of our SparkUp Rechargeable Electric Lighter and light up your life like never before. Whether you're camping, hiking, or simply lighting candles at home, make every spark count with SparkUp! Grab yours now and ignite the future with our innovative electric lighter.

Product information:

Color: blue, orange, black, black nickel brushed, purple
Specification: Qidian X12 mecha gyroscope double arc
Charging/battery life: 1 hour of charging, 3-5 packs of cigarettes lit
Process type: mecha appearance

Material: Zinc alloy
Features: Decompressed high rotation gyroscope

Packing list:

Lighter * 1 charging cable * 1

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